Men, Women, & the Mystery of Love

Beloved is a women’s fellowship group and book club, open to all young adult women of all faiths and walks of life! This summer, we’re looking in-depth at theology of the body & the feminine genius in Men, Women, & the Mystery of Love by Dr. Edward Sri: textual analysis, practical insights, and excerpts from Pope St. John Paul II’s “Love and Responsibility” (1960), a book written by Karol Wojtyła before he became Pope JP2, and originally published in Polish and later in English in 1981.

Things we’ll be exploring / discussing:

What is the mystery of love?

 What is true intimacy?

Why should I care about chastity?

What is the theology of the body? Of men & women?


What is my vocation?

In our fast-paced, instant gratification world, can I have pure, authentic relationships with people… and how?

Read along with us on this summer! #Beloved #youarebeloved

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Lover of books, wandering, music, coffee and Jesus. I'm a curious storyteller with (and a child at) heart.

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