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Beloved started out as a conversation over a cup of coffee, between three young women involved in different ways at their church. And that prayerful conversation quickly became a reality.

As members of our small town parish’s young adult ministry, we noticed a substantial lack of female relationships within our age group. As Catholic women, we wanted to be able to talk about things that solely the other ladies can relate to, things about our unique femininity, our unique backgrounds and stories, our God-given feminine geniuses. At the same time, we had stumbled across a few books on topics like purity, finding your soulmate, emotional virtue, discernment, and the genius of the feminine heart; topics we wanted to further explore in richness of our Catholic faith.

So in May 2015, we started Beloved, originally a women’s ministry + fellowship group and book club, to combine all of these aspects. We choose different books for different seasons (usually 3-4 months at a time), get together on Sundays and study them in-depth, have engaging discussions, and bring in (both male and female) Catholic speakers to share their stories and insight. Open to all young adult women of different faiths and walks of life, Beloved has done in-depth book studies on the meaning and mystery of love, sexuality/purity, vocational discernment, mercy, culture in our church, etc.

Over the seasons, Beloved has grown to include women from different faiths and parishes around the area, and we’ve become a place for young women to grow in community, to pray together, to learn, and best of all, to be themselves in a world that is constantly telling them otherwise.


Our goal is to expand this sweet little Catholic community we have in Southern California, branching off of our original Beloved women’s ministry + book club. We couldn’t think of a better way to widen our reach than through the blogosphere. We hope this online “book club” becomes a place where women can come together in fellowship and community to discuss ideas, share stories, pray for one another, discover and show our feminine genius, as Pope John Paul II has so encouraged us.

Most recent two reads:

Discovering the Feminine Genius Men, Women, & they Mystery of Love

Other books we’ve read (& highly recommend!):

Emotional Virtueby Sarah Swafford
Beautiful Mercyby Dynamic Catholic
How to Find Your Soulmate (without losing your soul)by Jason & Crystallina Evert

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