About FG

“In fact, woman has a genius all her own, which is vitally essential to both society and the Church. It is certainly not a question of comparing woman to man, since it is obvious that they have fundamental dimensions and values in common. However, in man and in woman these acquire different strengths, interests and emphases and it is this very diversity which becomes a source of enrichment.”

“It is thus my hope, dear sisters, that you will reflect carefully on what it means to speak of the ‘genius of women,’ not only in order to be able to see in this phrase a specific part of God’s plan which needs to be accepted and appreciated, but also in order to let this genius be more fully expressed in the life of society as a whole, as well as in the life of the Church.”

– St. Pope John Paul II


Welcome to The Fem Genius, a sweet little Catholic community est. in 2016 and dedicated to celebrating the unique feminine genius of women–that each and every single woman has enriching identity, immense value, individual strengths, and diverse gifts that she is meant to share with the world.  We hope this becomes a place where women can come together in fellowship, learn from one another, and find support. We hope The Fem Genius tailors to diverse women of all backgrounds and stories, who are in different seasons of their lives; women each with their own God-given gifts and personalities:

  • The CALLED

Above all, we want women to know, no matter where they come from or where they are, you diverse, imperfect women are beautiful, blessed, chosen daughters of God, made for love and to be loved. You were made for more.

Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “About FG

  1. Can’t wait to read, explore and discuss the ideas and articles you post here. Congrats you guys! We need this force in our faith!


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