Meet Laura.

I’m a Southern California native who takes snapshots of coffee and has a sense of wonder for the world we live while trying to navigate the world of young professionals. I’m the oldest of my tribe, with two sisters who couldn’t be more different but I love them to the moon and back.
I have 2 dogs who will be the death of me. Kodi is a German shepherd mix and Valentine has the sweetest smile.
I grew up in a typical Hispanic family, with no desire to fill that stereotype. I wanted to become someone and I would be part of the 19% of Hispanic women who got their BA.
 Once I did I started to ask hard questions about what kind of woman I could be? Who am I? What is my purpose? Are we all really the same?
I found consolation and assurance in people like Edith Stein and saints like St. Pope John Paul the Great, Mary Magdalene, and incredibly good community.
So I’m here for you. To tell your story. To tell you that you’re powerful and beautiful. To share a cup of coffee with you, and to tell you that I’m walking right next to you as we discover the beauty of what it means to be part of this feminine genius.
– L

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Resident Poet. Seeker of things dark chocolate and coffee. Believer.

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