Meet Allyson.

I’m Allyson Rae; a daughter, friend, girlfriend, pet owner, writer, book club leader, runner, digital producer, aspiring journalist, lover of nature and hikes and exploring the world. And I’m perfectly imperfect, the way God made me.

I probably wouldn’t put all of that down on a resume, likely because “epic sinner” isn’t considered socially acceptable. No way would I include the not-so-pretty stuff; the stuff that makes me vulnerable and human and real. 


But I am not my flaws, faults, and imperfections. I’m also a great writer and story-teller, so I’ve been told. I’m creative. I procrastinate, but I know how to pull things together. I can play the piano and hear a harmony. I have a knack for finding cute coffee shops and beautiful churches. I love good conversation over coffee and sunshine. I’m really good at getting lost and being found. I REALLY love sunflowers and hugs.


The funny thing is, even as a story-teller, it is so freakin’ difficult for me to tell my own story… my real story. Maybe it’s because I’m always afraid of judgment, because I’ve always cared about how I look or what people think? Because putting my own, unfiltered story — like baring a piece of my soul — is the craziest and most vulnerable thing I could ever do. Because these are words that speak truth, that encourage, inspire, hurt and heal.

I’ve been thinking about the gift of feminine genius for about a year now — a year after I started a women’s book club at my local parish and discovered the gift of having true sisters in Christ, in community. Since first being introduced to the idea of feminine genius it leapt out at me, like words from a page. I had to meet important figures like St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, St. Therese of Lisieux and St. John Paul II, saints who would help me journey along this road. I had to remember I’m never alone, that support and community are key. I had to re-discover my own genius, gifts and talents; the ones God uniquely gave me. I had to embrace humility and learn to be vulnerable. I’m (always having) to take courage, and trust completely in my Savior. And then, finally, I had to ask, how can I share this message with the world? What more can I give?


That’s where #thefemgenius comes in. My hope is that you embrace this “superpower” within; the gifts, talents, and genius that God already gave you, simply by being you. As I have learned from years of hustling for my worth, this is something you don’t need to earn. You’re already wanted, needed, created, loved. You are enough. Let’s discover that together.

– A

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Lover of books, wandering, music, coffee and Jesus. I'm a curious storyteller with (and a child at) heart.

One thought on “Meet Allyson.

  1. Just wanted to say that I found this blog+I know I’m going to love it. I see a lot of myself in you: being a runner, blogger, Jesus-lover, and book fanatic. I hope you check out my blog to see some of my Christian, running, and feminine related-topics!!!


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